Wardrobe Journaling

During your time on the Wardrobe Journaling course you will be engaging your brain in a very deep way.

There are exercises each day. Some are repetitive, some are one-off. Each exercise is designed to get you thinking about yourself as an observer.

Try and find a quiet time and space each day to go through the workbook.

If you are a morning lark, do the work in the morning when you are at your brightest and if you are a night owl, use the peace of the night to think.

You will focus on each stage in turn: Stop floating on the surface; What stumbling blocks are in your way; How to spot fear; Diamonds in the rough (what am I wearing now); The crunch point - sifting - who am I?; Putting it all together.

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Wardrobe Journaling

Day One

Stop floating on the surface

These first few exercises are to complete in a state of relaxation. 

Find a quiet space, take your shoes off, relax and just think about what you are thinking about.

It’s ok if your mind starts to do other things, focus on other things, just bring it back gently.

Today’s exercise will move us from the surface of our lives, diving down to where our real thoughts lie – sometimes beautiful but hidden, sometimes unhelpful but unchallenged.

You will need:
This workbook
A pen
A relaxing place to sit

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